EGR 426
Integrated Circuit Systems Design
Winter 2010


Prof. Sterian
Prof. Parikh

Xilinx Tools

Please visit this site for local copies of Xilinx ISE WebPack 10.1 and its updates.

For installing on 64-bit systems, try running the bin/nt/setup.exe program instead of the setup.exe program in the main directory of the installation archive.


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Useful Links:

std_logic_1164.vhd The IEEE std_logic_1164 library
 Python Fixed-Point Module A Python module for arbitrary-precision arithmetic with fixed-point numbers, including transcendental functions. Could be useful for prototyping/experimenting with fixed-point numbers before committing to a hardware system design.
 LFSR Application Note Maxim's Application Note APP1743 on the taps for maximal-length LFSR's correlates well with the presentation on LFSR's in the course notes.
 VHDL Simili Simulator The VHDL Simili Simulator Version 1.4 from Symphony EDA is an external command-line VHDL simulator. You can get your own free copy from this local link [2.5M]. Note that a more recent version is available from the Symphony EDA web site. Note that versions more recent than Version 1.4 are not free and have various restrictions on operation, etc. etc. Use at your own risk.
 Digital Systems Design course by Bob Reese Dr. Reese's web site has lots of good links on sample code and tutorials (his class notes, essentially) on VHDL. His graduate-level course on VHDL modelling has more advanced material.
 VHDL Tutorial by Prof. W.H. Glauert Another on-line tutorial. This uses lots of frames and pop-up may be annoying.
 VHDL Verification Course by Stefan Doll  A on-line course on verification using VHDL (e.g., test benches).
 VHDL Language Reference Guide This is a Windows Help File (.HLP) with very comprehensive VHDL reference. I use this a lot when I want a quick refresher on some particular syntax or usage issue.
 VHDL Sources at ETH This site has sources for the numeric_std, std_logic_1164, mathpack, etc. VHDL packages. It also describes the differences between the old std_logic_arith and the newer numeric_std.
 The comp.lang.vhdl FAQ The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from the comp.lang.vhdl newsgroup has many useful links to software, texts, code fragments, etc. You can also download a fairly recent version of the FAQ as 4 PDF files: FAQ1, FAQ2, FAQ3, FAQ4 (each less than 250k).

Note that the FAQ has some very useful information on the types of things that students tend to have trouble with: converting from one type to another, VHDL for synthesis, etc. as well as links to freely available VHDL code, microcontrollers, algorithms, etc.

 The numeric_std package. The IEEE package for working with groups of bits as numbers. This is a standardized replacement for the std_logic_arith package.
  The MATH_REAL package A VHDL package with mathematics support functions like sin, cos, random numbers, logarithms, rounding, etc. Also available from this local copy [49k]
 22V10 Data Sheet The data sheet [320k] for a 22V10, a "classic" FPLD.