Stitch n' Glue
Starting date: May 28, 1999

The kit with all pieces precut.........the epoxy and wood filler............the plans and instructions.

                   Step 1:  Glue the hull panel                                                        Colleen waiting for the
                        pieces together to make                                                                panels to dry.
                            full length panels.

                           Step 2:  Attach the sheer                                        Step 3:  wire the panels
                                 clamps to the side                                                           together.

Side view of wired panels

Mike wiring up the bow.

                                      Colleen happy about finally finishing                                                Fully wired hull!
                              wiring the hull together.

Step 4:  fillet all of the
inside joints.

                Step 5:  Glass the seating
                      area and epoxy the
                    entire inside area then
                         install bulkheads.




Well these are the only pictures I have for now.....I will hopefully have more by late spring when I work
on it again, if school doesn't take all of my time.
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